Image Acquisition Resource Mapping -- Remote Sensing and GIS for Conservation

True Multispectral Imagery

We use a 3-CCD MS-4100 Geospatial camera that produces four-band images (R-G-B-IR) with sharp-cut spectral ranges matching the standard signatures of Landsat, Spot and Ikonos data. Images produced by this camera can be calibrated for direct radiometric analysis of spectral signatures and used for automatic classification of the terrain.

Displayed as natural or false color IR

The four-band images can be displayed as natural color (R-G-B) for a normal appearance of the ground (left), or as false color infrared (IR-R-G) (lower left) to highlight differences in vegetative activity as a function of infrared reflectance.

These images can also be converted to spectral indices such as the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) along with a labeled six-class segmentation (below).

NDVI6-class segmentation

Find more multi-temporal examples in the Multi-temporal Surveys and Biomass Estimates section of Applications.

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