Image Acquisition Resource Mapping -- Remote Sensing and GIS for Conservation

Aerial Imagery Costs

Most projects with orthophoto mosaics and DEMs cost between $0.50 and $1.00 per hectare, depending on scale and location.

  • Natural Color is usually less expensive to fly because of its higher resolution and greater weather tolerance.
  • Multispectral Imagery has fewer pixels per image and tighter weather tolerances, but can be used in more sophisticated analysis.
  • Both can be flown simultaneously or sequentially during the same flight to utilize the benefits of both higher resolution and radiometric analysis.

We can provide a detailed quote for any size area or location, determining the availability of local aircraft, appropriate scale and the best time of year to accomplish your objectives. Examples of our work and end products are available for evaluation. For more information or to receive examples, please contact us.


Laprey River natural color and IR