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Value Added GIS

Combining photo-based maps with existing GIS databases and modeling all aspects of a property is an essential aspect of managing land for conservation. We can acquire and incorporate existing imagery, such as state-sponsored orthophotoquads used below as a base map for five properties of interest (red) and surrounding protected lands (green) in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. We can provide this type of mapping as a service or train organizations to set up GIS capacities in-house using inexpensive desktop computer programs such as ArcView or Manifold.



Berkshire County Oblique
LLT map and property outline

At right a sequence of orthophotos (1997, 2001, 2005) captures dynamic changes in the landscape that should be taken into consideration in land use planning, but may not be reflected in existing GIS databases for wetlands or land use. These orthophotoquads are products of MassGIS, Massachusetts' clearinghouse for statewide GIS and orthophoto data.

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