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Applications and Projects

Aerial imagery, DEMs, orthophotoquads are rarely end products, but usually tools to record and measure specific aspects of the landscape. We have developed a wide range of applications to assist clients in their research, conservation, and management objectives using these data.

3D Visualization and Landscape Analysis

Modeling orthophoto images with high-resolution DEMs provides unique interactive views of the terrain and computerized fly-thrus. True on-screen optical stereo allows measurements and interpretation in 3D coordinate space.

Aerial Thermal Scanning and Wildlife Surveys

Imaging objects by their heat emissions to map fish habitat in rivers, estimate ungulate populations, and map hot spots on lava fields in Hawaii.

Multi-temporal Surveys and Biomass Estimates

The low cost and portability of our digital imagery system makes it practical to fly areas on a regular basis, making vegetation monitoring or conservation easement compliance more efficient.

Monitoring Selective Logging

High resolution multi-temporal imagery can track and calculate the size of logged trees by automatically tagging new gaps in the canopy and measuring the removed trees in previous coverage.

International Conservation and Development

With cameras that can be transported as carry-on luggage on commercial air services and attached to local aircraft, we can and have used these systems at remote locations in the Americas, Africa, and Asia. The low overhead of this approach makes it possible to both photograph in these areas and hold workshops to put the data and complete aerial camera and GIS computer systems in the hands of indigenous organizations.

Monitoring Transmission and Pipe Line Corridors

Working with vegetation and environmental management companies to monitor existing utilities corridors as well as assist in the evaluation of prospective routes for new lines.

Value Added GIS

These products can be combined with existing map data or imagery to further analyze the spatial aspects of land management.